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Project Management

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ag娱乐手机靠谱75775Barbizon Systems personnel are skilled in managing a project from start to finish. Project managers draw on their lighting and rigging experience as they work with the architect, consultant, general contractor, and owner. They have a unique ability to balance technical knowledge, timelines, and budgets.

Job Coordination

The project managers at Barbizon Lighting are actively involved in every project. To make sure your lighting and rigging projects are completed successfully, they step in to handle the details. You can trust the team to take care of the work with a professional and supportive attitude.

Technical Expertise

Successful project management requires technical knowledge. Barbizon Lighting personnel are aware of the various requirements set by all parties. They know how to ensure your plans comply with specification documents. They know how to coordinate with all parties in order to solve problems, maximize spending and work with installation contractors. This is just a glimpse of the technical knowledge that our team brings to the table.

Complete Project Management

Barbizon is committed to your project from signed contract to final sign-off. Project management includes the following:
  • Use state-of-the-art project management software utilized by the construction industry to assure accurate information management and effective, timely communication
  • Create submittal documents and drawings as necessary to comply with specification documents and facilitate a better understanding of products to be supplied along with their installation requirements for on-site personnel
  • Assist in facilitating the design intent by field verification and coordination with installation contractors
  • Coordinate trades with both Barbizon subcontractors as well as other trades that impact the installation of the entertainment system, such as HVAC and building electrics
  • Seek ways to solve problems (e.g. developing a more efficient way to install equipment to pass on cost savings)
  • Handle all billing, via submission of application for payments or invoicing
  • Coordinate change management issues with owners, architects and contractors
  • Provide close-out documentation including O&M manuals, as-built drawings, and initial configuration information for owners' records