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System Sales / Integration

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Every piece of your project deserves attention. That’s why the team at Barbizon is full of detail-oriented professionals. Barbizon Systems Integrators don’t miss a thing. Before they begin work, they communicate with you to understand the complexities of your project. They begin work only when they have a complete plan for your lighting, rigging or architectural project.

Barbizon Systems Integrators are trained to look at the whole picture. First, they listen to the customer’s intent and gather all information necessary to start planning. Then, they consider every detail, from pricing to electrical concerns to operational requirements. After gathering this information and integrating all pieces, they provide a system that fulfills the needs of the project.

Our Systems Integrations services include the following:
  • Development of a system with the owner's operational requirements
  • Preparation of equipment bills-of-materials
  • Create budgetary or purchase pricing
  • Integrated systems specification for lighting, rigging, sound, and draperies
  • System layout drawings such as riser diagrams, design development, construction drawings, and device locations
  • Coordination with other disciplines, i.e., power requirements to electrical engineers, or load requirements for structural engineers
  • Site visitations to determine need or coordination meetings with project participants


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