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Technical Services

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Sometimes things don't go right. Equipment needs maintenance, wears out, or simply fails. Sometimes things need a little TLC to make sure they keep working. Sometimes you have new people who need training on your equipment to fully utilize your system. Sometimes you just need a little help.

We have factory-certified technicians who can troubleshoot your system when bad things happen right before curtain. We've got experienced console operators who can teach that new kid how to get the most out of your light board. We've got veteran repair techs who can give your system an annual once-over to make sure every production goes off without a hitch.


ag娱乐手机靠谱75775Whether you have a relatively new system but want to offer your staff more advanced training or you have an older system but need training for new personnel, Barbizon has factory-authorized and trained technicians who can come to your facility and work with your team.

  • Console Training
  • Basic Lighting Design Training
  • Lighting System Training

Services & Staffing

Barbizon can provide trained personnel including lighting designers, programmers, technicians, and stagehands to help you get the lighting that you envision, services include:

  • Fixture Hang & Focus
  • Console Programming
  • Stagehands for Load-In/Out or Performances


Barbizon has staff and freelance programmers that can come to your facility and program your lighting design for easy playback. At your service we have:

  • Professional Programmers for virtually all consoles
  • Custom Graphic User Interfaces
  • Advanced Architectural Lighting Programming

Preventative Maintenance

Barbizon understands that it is important to keep your lighting equipment running in peak condition to get the most out of your system. Services we offer include:

  • Annual/Bi-annual Systems Checkup
  • Dimmer Rack Maintenance
  • Lighting Instrument Maintenance
  • Emergency Technical Service
  • Equipment Parts


Barbizon's factory-authorized and trained service technicians can respond to your facility quickly and get your system up and running once more.

  • In House Repairs
  • Fixture Repairs
  • Telephone Support
  • On-Site Repairs

ag娱乐手机靠谱75775Contact your local Barbizon office to ask about an annual maintenance visit or check out our repair shop today. While you're there, let us know if you need more training on your system. Odds are, we have an expert in our pocket.

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